गुरुवार, 16 फ़रवरी 2017

02/01/1945: Broadcast by Rangoon Radio


In a press interview somewhere in Burma, Netaji SC Bose, Head of the Provisional Government of Azad Hind, declared that as a result of his recent talks with the Japanese military experts the Indian National Army would very shortly launch its offensive. He revealed that both Japan and Germany have launched an all-out offensive against their enemies and expressed the hope that Japan and Germany would very shortly establish their superiority in these final battles. Netaji emphasised that India would play an important part in this new phase of the war and expressed the hope that the Indian National Army would liberate India from the clutches of the British pirates. Praising the Japanese 'Special Air Attack Corps,' Netaji stated that he was much impressed by the brilliant performances and heroic exploits of its members and added that troops of the Indian National Army would follow the noble example of the gallant Japanese troops and fight firm with determination and valour and deliver their Motherland."



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