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04/11/1944: Broadcast by Tokyo Radio

Broadcast by Tokyo Radio-04/11/1944


On November 3, Mr SC Bose, speaking in Tokyo said, “The present war is about to enter a new phase. The Japanese Imperial forces have dealt mortal blows to the enemy's land, air and naval forces, the latter having lost more than 200 ships, including 50 aircraft-carriers in the battles off the Philippines and Formosa alone. The sinking of Allied shipping continues. The enemy has not yet announced his total losses in these battles but on Wednesday last, he admitted the loss of several aircraft-carriers. In addition, 3,000 enemy planes have been destroyed or damaged. Japanese forces are inflicting a series of defeats on the American and Chungking forces in China and have captured many important air bases. The fall of Eveilin is imminent. The present war is entering a new phase and Japan is preparing to deal the enemy the last find decisive blow.



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